AI Wash-Hands Voice Reminder

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iWay AI Wash-Hands
Voice Reminder

AI and Computer Vision Powered Hand Wash Reminder

Product Specifications

Machine Learning

Recognizes occupancy patterns and adapts to usage environment

Computer Vision

Tracks entrances and identifies unique visitors in real time

Mobile Linkage

Sends reminders to mobile phones in real time

Voice Remind

Voice remind feature audible informs visitors to wash their hands

The intelligent way to health and safety

Washing hands thoroughly is one of the best ways to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe in Covid-19 and flu seasons. iWay’s Wash Hands AI Voice Reminder is designed to use AI Machine Learning and Computer Vision to identify people coming into the house from the outside and provide voice reminder to wash hands.

See how iWay can revolutionize health and safety

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Certified by the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois

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